Do you need a shared or dedicated web hosting service?

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When a website owner launches there site they have to make a critical choice, choosing between a shared or dedicated hosting service. There are a few defining differences between the two options so doing your homework is crucial to making the right choice before the launch of your website. Here are just some of the key differences you can take into consideration. One of the main differences is the amount of site hosted on the server a shred hosting service has multiple website sharing resources. A dedicated package means your site is the only site on that server. Unique ip address Every server has its own ip address so if you are using a dedicated server your site has a unique ip address as opposed to multiple websites sharing an ip address. Although individual ip addresses can be purchase for shared hosting plans. There is some debate on the search engine ranking benefits of having a unique ip and if sharing an ip with a spammy website can raise a red flag and hurt you sites ranking. Bandwidth and disk space requirements For the vast majority of sites on the web shared hosting plans can easily handle the bandwidth and storage requirements of 99 percent of site on the web. That makes shared packages perfect for blogs personal sites and small business owners. If your site is heavily trafficked a lot engaging in lots of ecommerce with heavy security requirements then a dedicated plan is probably right for you. SSl certificates (secure socket layer) If accepting credit cards on your site as opposed to using a third party provider an ssl certificate is a requirement all dedicated servers come with ssl certificates. They can also be installed on shared hosting packages after purchase with ease. At and install an ssl certificate in less than 2 hours. Cost Cost can vary widely between shared and dedicated web hosting with most shared plans ranging from 5 to 10 dollars per month versus 30 to 60 dullars for dedicated web hosting. Conclusion If you are running a small business personal web site or blog shared hosting is the way to go. If your company is engaged in a lot of ecommerce with back end support requirements a dedicated server might be the right choice for your business.

Sharpwebhosting launches affiliate program.

webhosting Send feedback », the affordable web hosting provider launches affiliate program managed by clixgalore affiliate solutions. The program is two tiered allowing affiliates to earn commission off direct hosting client sign ups and off of affiliates they recruit. The commission structure ranges from 25 to 30 percent of sales on direct client sign ups, and 10 percent on all affiliates that are recruited. The cookie period is 45 days, which is 50 percent longer than the industry average of 30 days. Affiliates have the option of promoting the brand through the many banners text links and coupon codes offered.  Monthly payouts will be managed by clixgalore. There is an added incentive for super affiliates, producers that can consistently drive ten plus hosting clients per month. The commission structure can be customized for these high producing affiliates based on volume of client sign ups. Sharpwebhosting has been in business for five years and offers two standard shared web hosting services. The beginner service targets bloggers and personnel websites. The advanced hosting service is geared to small business owners needing mare bandwidth and storage requirements. All hosting plans shared and come with a standard Cpanel control panel. There are web templates that can accessed through fantastico and installed in 1 click to allow new clients to get there site up and running the same day the hosting package is purchased.

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