Switching or transferring web hosting companies with know down time

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Are you transferring your website to sharpwebhosting.com or a new host. Here is a step by step guide on what you need to consider and the process of switching. 1. Moving the files a) Most website consists of the files i.e. Homepage sub-pages and images. Before cancelling your current account download the files via ftp. From your current hosting provider. b) Now ftp. Upload the new files to your new sharpwebhosting.com account. 2. Databases/ Skip if you don’t use databases. But, I have a database or multiple databases. Here are three steps to moving a database to sharpwebhosting. You will need to do these steps for each database you have. 1. Export the database to an SQL text file from your old web host account. 2. Import the SQL text file into your new host. 3. Update your website files/scripts with the details of your new database if needed. The most commonly used database system is MySQL, along with a web-tool called phpMyAdmin, which is a web interface that you can use to export and import databases. Your website and/or scripts will need to update to use the new name for the database, as well as username/password to access it, and may also need to know the new host name of the MySQL server and its port. Now make sure to update your new email 1. Create the email accounts on your new web host. 2. Update your mail settings in your mail client Now that your files database and emails are set up the next step is to update your DNS (domain name server) settings if you are switching to sharpwebhosting.com this is simple log into the area where you registered your domain click on dns settings and update them to dns1.sharpwebhosting.com And dns2.sharpwebhosting.com. Log into your new cpanel and check to see if things are functioning. That’s it you can cancel your old account the transfer is done with no downtime.

Saving money with webhosting coupons

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Every year sharpwebhosting.com lists there web hosting coupon codes to give new hosting customer’s discounts on already affordable hosting services. 2014 is no different with four new coupon codes that get customers saving. Coupon code “25off” gives you twenty five percent off all web hosting packages. Use “DOTCOM” for half off all dot com domain purchases. “FIVE” and “TWENTY” are the other two 2014 discount codes for a flat five dollars off anything sharpwebhosting.com sells or twenty percent off all web hosting plans. All the web hosting coupons can be used once individually but not in conjunction with each other.
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