B2evolution or wordpress. Which one should you use for your blog platform?

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Are you starting a blog? In this post I will try and clarify the pros and cons of the two most popular blogging platform B2evolution and wordpress. Both platforms are free ware and can be installed with minimal programming knowledge in a couple of clicks from an installer like Fantastico. This is accessible from your cpanel on all sharpwebhosting.com accounts. Wordpress is by far the most widely used blog software it is open source created by a community of users. B2evolution is a Content + Community Management system and excels at managing multiple blogs and multiple administrators. Wordpress does tend to surpass B2evolution when it comes to managing the back end admin this is because of the drag and drop function of WP.B2 has no mass editing function making it more complex for newbie’s. The customization function with wordpress happens to be superior just because of the size of the WP community there are more than 2,000 free themes and 25,000 free plug-in available at WordPress.org. There are also thousands of premium themes that can be bought from various providers around the web. In contrast there are only 110 skins and 180 plug-in at b2evolution.net limiting your options. Both are very easy to install and require minimal coding experience. So which platform comes out on top? That’s impossible to say. This blog uses B2evolution so it is subjective and based on preference our suggestion is you try both they can be uninstalled as easily as they can be installs in a few click of your mouse or taps of your screen. All sharpwebhosting.com hosting accounts allow you to install either software.

3 Things to Consider for Your First Website Hosting Service

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You have a great website idea. You found the perfect domain name. You have a nice design and you also created some interesting website content. You can’t wait for your website to go live! In a world where people get informed from the internet, shop on the internet, even socialize or date online, having a website is a great idea. It doesn’t matter if you created a website for your business or just a personal blog, you will now need to learn about what it means to manage a website… and its costs. The next thing that you have to do in order to see your website live is to find a hosting provider that best responds to your needs. For many people who are building their first websites, this might seem a hard thing to do: How do I find an affordable web hosting service? What is the best subscription? Which hosting provider to choose? So here we are to take you through a short 3 point guide about choosing your ideal hosting service. 1. For the beginning, find a cheap website hosting service You are just at the beginning with your website, so don’t jump into expensive subscriptions! Cheap website hosting doesn’t have to be, as you might sometimes think, of poor quality. It can just be a proper price website hosting service for a beginner like you. You might have a small personal website and you don’t even know if you’re going to keep it on long term, so our affordable web hosting service named “Beginner Plan” is probably the perfect deal for you. 2. Keep it simple Especially if you are no tech-savvy, it is better to choose not only a cheap website hosting provider, but also one that can offer easy script installation. Our platform offers you a 1 click installation process and it works for a big range of scripts (including the WordPress, Joomla and Drupal ones). 3. Avoid cancellation fees When looking for cheap website hosting providers, pay attention to all less obvious fees that come with the contract. What you need as a beginner website owner is flexibility, which means being able to renounce to your website and to the hosting service whenever you want. Paying only for the monthly hosting service with no other costs attached is the perfect choice for you right now!
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