The advantages of a dedicated IP address

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What are the advantages of a dedicated Ip address for my website? This is a question we get asked allot at sharpwebhosting. First we have to understand the what an ip address is, and what the difference is between a regular shared hosting package and one with an ip address. An ip (Internet Protocol) address is a series of numbers assigned to every device on the web. All devices laptops, mobile phone, and servers that host websites have their own unique ip address. So your address identifies a device when it accesses the web. In the case of shared hosting you can have hundreds of website on a server all sharing the same Ip. Dedicated ip and search ranking There used to be a raging debate on the effectiveness of a dedicated IP and search engine optimization. According to Google, a dedicated IP will not help your SEO rankings, and is not a justified expense for SEO. So who needs a dedicated ip address for the majority of websites there are two categories that justify the expense of a dedicate IP a)e-commerce site requiring an SSL certificate if customers are going to enter sensitive data on your site such as credit card information An SSL certificate is a requirement See Here SSl certs require a dedicated IP to be installed and operate. b) Highly trafficked sites think more than 100000 visitors per month. This will help maintain your sites speed and prevent it from crashing as the strain of too much recourse use on one server can have adverse affects.

Does my website need an SSl certificate?

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Does your online business need an SSL certificate? This is a question that we frequently receive. First off you need to understand what an SSl certificate is, and what it is used for before you decide to go ahead with the purchase and the install. SSL stands for secure socket layer and the main objective of installing one are to give your customers an added layer of protection during transactions or when communicating with you via an online form. You can tell by your web browsers the address bar if a website is using ssl encryption by the simple https: versus the http:. This gives your online business credibility and your customers added peace of mind when filling in credit card information or filling out a form with personnel information. So if you are doing any kind of commerce on your website and the customer isn’t going to a third party site like say PayPal it would be wise to invest in an ssl certificate. The cost is 50 to 75 dollars per year plus the cost of a dedicated ip address for anybody on a shard web hosting package. An ip is usually an additional 2 dollars per month or 24 dollars per year.
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