Search engine optimization tips for Bing and google

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Search engine optimization is an important strategy for any online business to embark on. As of 2014 the search engine share of the market breaks down like this 68 percent of all searches conducted were powered by Google, while 27 percent were powered by Bing. Clearly this make Google the most important search engine, But at 27 percent ranking high in Bing is still something to strive for. One of the first things too figures out is ranking factors for each engine. So we will start with Google. Here are some on page factors that weigh heavily on your ranking. Content: pages have to be written well and have high quality. Words: do pages use the words and phrases you hope to be found for. Bounce rate: to visitors stay and read your content or leave the site immediately. Title tag: This is one of the most important on page factors have your main key words early in the title tag. Description: your Meta description should describe what your page is about. Headers: do headers and sub headers use relevant key phrases? Off page factors that are important. Links: are links from relevant trustworthy sources, also the number of links you have pointing to your site. Don’t pay for links or use spamming tactics like blog comments. History Domain age is a factor and the registration period counts as well so a domain that is registered for three years in the future looks more dependable than a domain that will expire in 6 months. Social signals facebook shares, tweets and bookmarks also count. These factors all hold true for both search engines although Bing and Google gives different weighting to each factor.

Comparing cpanel and Pelsk for shared web hosting accounts

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Once you have decided to go a head and purchase web hosting and important consideration is the control panel the hosting company is operating with. The two most common are Cpanel and Pelsk. First let discuss what a control panel is and what it is used for. A control panel is an interface that you access to administer your hosting account. All the functions to create data bases set up email accounts install blogs web templates and view functionality can be reached through your control panel. You can also monitor your bandwidth and disk space usage anonyms and regular ftp. Accounts. Ip address and hosting package. The Interface is designed to be extremely user friendly. Let’s break down Cpanel and then Pelsk. Cpanel is by far the most popular control panel and it’s easy to see why it has a clean interface and is easy to navigate with all the main Icons displayed immediately after log on. It allows you to setup your sub domains email accounts and also provides you with a toll for site backup. You can also manage all your Mysql databases through the control panel. It also has the superior stats package with the most functionality. Pelsk is a close second to Cpanel and has the same main functions with the added ability for multiple operating systems Unix and windows web hosting can be used with pelsk.Plesk Panel also has some features that are exclusive like better clustering support and the integration of a website building software. Although not as user friendly as cPanel, it is still a very strong competitor. In our opinion Cpanel is more user friendly and easier to use that’s why all accounts run on and come Cpanel enabled.
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