How do I Back up a MYSQl database in cpanel

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How do I back up a MYAQL database in cpanel? In this post we will outline a step by step process of backing up your databases via Cpanel to help ensure you never have an issue with loss of data. This is something you should do either on weekly bases or whenever you have a major update. A) Log into Cpanel at B) Look to the files section and click on the backup icon C) Now in the download section click on the database name ex. username_blog D) Now go to the download section of you browser and you will see username_blog.sql.gz file Now you have an up to date file stored locally on your computer or mobile device. If you delete something or make a mistake you can get everything back up and functioning in no time.

Using Cpanel to backup your website

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Once your hosting account is activated and your website is up and running a prudent thing to do is back up your site. This process is extremely easy and takes mere seconds to do. In this post we will take you through a step by step process so you can periodically back up your site after updates. Why back up my website? There are several reasons to back up your site, in case there is a glitch and information gets lost, you may make a mistake in the file transfer protocol and wipe out a page accidently or any number of inadvertent unanticipated things can happen. If you back things up after an update you will always have that restore point making your life that much easier. Ok, now you’re asking, how do I back up my website? Log on to you cpanel account then go to the backup functionality icon Now you can perform the entire backup in one click. After this is complete go to the public_html folder of your ftp client and download all the files to your computer or mobile device and you can easily restore your website. In next week’s post we will show you how to back up and restore your databases
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