What is BaseKit SiteBuilder ?

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BaseKit is the world's most flexible website builder. It allows you to create professional websites from within your browser in just a few clicks. You don't need any technical skills, and there are loads of templates and widgets to get you started. In this post we will give you a step by step tutorial on using BaseKit to set up your site quickly. Step 1. Log into your control panel cpanel and click on the Basekit SiteBuilder Icon. Step 2. You will see an option for the domain, sub domain, and addon domain you want to build your website for. Now click on set-up site builder for the chosen domain name. Step 3. Now you will be in sitebuilder preview URL choose which sub domain you would like to use as your preview web address, click the finish button. Step 4. Next, press the edit website button to be taken back to BaseKit Sitebuilder. And start building your website. Step 5. Once you are done building your site click on publish. Step 6. Log into your cPanel and click on BaseKit. Click on the radio button with your domain name to publish the site to your domain. Click the Publish button on the dialogue box that comes up to publish. Step 7. If necessary to unpublish or edit your website click on the basekit logo in your cpanel and make those changes. Ps. Clicking the green check mark allows your website to be unpublished.

Integrating Google Analytics with cpanel

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In this post we will give a brief tutorial on integrating Google analytics through your cpanel. Here is a brief run down on what analytics is. Google analytics is a traffic monitoring program maintained by Google. It works by you adding a few lines of JavaScript to your websites pages and it reports each hit to Google analytic server. Here you can log in ad view detailed trends and stats about the traffic to your domain and secondary pages. For integration you will need Your Google Analytics Account ID for the domain you are tracking. This requires an Analytics account you can sign up here http://www.google.com/analytics/tour.html. Ok, now under Under Account Administration, click New Account. Now Fill in the form with your website details, and give your new account a name. Once the form is submitted you will be given your Google analytics account id. Now that you have your id you will want to add analytics to your entire domain through your webhosting control panel. 1) Log into cpanel 2) Click on the analytics icon 3) Follow the instructions by choosing yourdomain.com then paste in your analytics ID. That is all that is required now you can access complex stats through Google analytics.
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